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Marketing on TikTok? A Free 6-Week Tutorial Series for Business Owners Starts July 11


Small businesses are booming on TikTok. In a June survey of small and mid-sized businesses, in which 7,000 business owners responded, 67 percent indicated that they are most optimistic about their growth potential on TikTok, according to resource platform dedicated to small business, Hello Alice.

To help small businesses better understand the platform–and how they can use it to grow their businesses–TikTok announced today the launch of a new educational series dubbed “Follow Me.” The program, which will span six weeks, is set to kick off Monday, July 11.

In addition to being free, the webinars promise to showcase a revolving cast of influencer business owners. Among others, the sessions will include Cassie Sorenson (174k followers) of Flagstaff, Arizona-based handmade accessory brand Tassel Amor and Jacob Zander (509k followers) of Santa Barbara, California-based shoe brand Feel your Soul. Users can expect tutorials on best practices for running TikTok campaigns and integrating a brand’s story into videos.

“Without a doubt, small businesses have taken center stage on TikTok,” Becca Sawyer, TikTok’s global head of small and medium business and global business solution tells Inc. “We’re committed to empowering and equipping small businesses with the resources they need to make the most of the TikTok community, and the Follow Me program was specifically designed to help entrepreneurs showcase the best of their business.”

For those who may be brand new to TikTok, the program also offers a set of helpful guides. Users can learn how to set up a free business account, access to the creative center for content inspiration, and glean insights into how TikTok’s Ads manager and promotion features can be leveraged optimally.

To learn more about engaging with the massive audience on the platform, sign up for the event now.


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